Company Profile

Data Aquisition and Control Systems

Hytec Electronics Ltd has been developing and producing instrumentation and systems to customer order for over 30 years. Applications extend from industrial and scientific data loggers; through plant simulators; to graphics–driven, real–time database control systems. Incorporated in 1976, the company was formed by Richard Tatham initially to provide a service for government laboratories such as Culham, Harwell and NPL and to the Particle Physics market. Building on this experience the company rapidly expanded into the Public Utility Sector.

Hytec has gained an international reputation with equipment installed world-wide. The client base includes a wide selection of organisations in industry, research and commerce (UKAEA, AWE, SERC, National Grid, Power Gen, National Power, Diamond Light Source, Paul Scherrer Institut, British Energy Generation, First Hydro, RGO and major universities).

Open Architectures and Standards

Hytec designs and manufactures to international standards and provides the hardware and software building bricks for creating advanced data acquisition and control systems. The first products developed were CAMAC modules originally specified by the European Nuclear Committee ESONE. Adopted by the IEEE, this standard achieved world–wide acceptance and Hytec’s reputation enabled it to become an innovator and a major manufacturer in this market. Since that time Hytec has dramatically increased its product range which now includes VME, PCI Express, Canbus, PCI, VXI, BitBus, ISA and VME64x and Industry Pack plug-in cards.

The modular theme continues in Vsystem, the tool-box of advanced software components for creating real-time distributed systems with world-leading performance and which now supports more platforms than any other Process Control Software. All platforms supported intercommunicate seamlessly and transparently to the user. Applications running on one system have equal access to any real-time database mapped anywhere on their network.

We also sell HP computers and manufacture blade industrial control computers.

Engineering Services

Hytec's capabilities embody hardware, software and system engineering allowing comprehensive service and support to be provided for the client.

Turnkey Systems

From the client’s specification or Hytec’s design. (This may include: project management, development, manufacturing testing, installation and commissioning.)

Software Services

Our software engineers implement sophisticated system drivers in all the leading operating systems to support our hardware. Software application engineers consult, design and implement complex control and data acquisition solutions.

Specialisations include, system software, databases and graphical displays; applications using high level languages; real–time machine code device drivers.

Our expertise covers not only new technology systems integrating with process and management information systems, but also re-configuring and re-using existing plant interface hardware to enable legacy systems to live on with the latest generation computer hardware and software technology.

Module Design and Build

Our hardware engineers design and manufacture high specification analogue and digital instrumentation for the harshest of industrial and research environments. Standard designs available off the shelf include: ADCs - 8bits at 1.0GHz through to to 24bits at 10Hz, DACs - 18bits at 100uS, counters up to 100MHz, timing to 10pS jitter, isolated de-bounced digital input systems, isolated and direct output, serial data links...

If a suitable product is not in the Hytec range, Hytec can design, develop, build and test a custom product. Facilities for low volume production from other designs are also available, and we have a lot of experience of buying specialist modules from the world’s suppliers at attractive prices.

Maintenance and Support

Service Level agreements (SLA), on–site and telephone assistance with either a contract or "as required" levels of service. This includes system engineering, application advice, maintenance, updates and module repair.



Standard, tailored, special and hands–on training are all available to meet the client’s requirements.

Applications and Users

Solutions have been implemented in a wide range of applications including:–

  • Synchrotron Control Systems.
  • Health Physics Area Monitoring.
  • Remote, Precision Positioning Crane Control.
  • Ultrasonic Non–Destructive Testing.
  • Building Functional Management.
  • Experimental Pipeline Inspection Control.
  • Nuclear Pulse Height Analysis.

Hytec’s products and services have been incorporated into:–

  • Training Simulators.
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring.
  • Power Station Control.
  • Analogue Scanners.
  • Data Acquisition and Reduction.
  • Critical Timing Systems for Large Lasers.
  • Telescope Control.

These applications have been realised in many environments and industries encompassing:–

  • Research and Laboratory Automation.
  • Power Industry.
  • Steel, Coal.
  • Electronics, Avionics.
  • Oil, Gas, Water.
  • Universities and Education.

Hytec’s goal is to provide quality products, through attention to detail, and this is reflected across the large product range which includes:–

  • Control Environments, Data Loggers.
  • Application Software, Graphics, Mimics, Displays.
  • Computer Interfaces, List Processors.
  • Communications, Data Links and LANs.
  • Peripheral Controllers, Drivers and MCAs.
  • Isolated Input/Output Analogue or Digital.

Agents and Distributors

Hytec has representation throughout the world. Coverage is continually being improved by updating the country contact list. For your local country contact please call Hytec in the U.K. Currently the expanding list of countries covered includes:–

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Our policy is one of continuous product development and the right is reserved to supply equipment which may vary slightly from that described.