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Data Acquisition and Control

Octal 12bit 50MHz Transient Recorder
128M Samples Per Channel

VTR 2537M


The VTR 2537M Transient Recorder is a dual height double width VME module which simultaneously digitises the voltage signals present on eight Lemo inputs with a resolution of 12 bits and records the data in parallel in its on-board RAM which accepts up to 128M samples per channel.

The memory is accessible from the VME bus when the module is not acquiring data. An interlock between its Busy and Memory Access control bits ensure that there is no conflict of access.

An interrupt is generated whenever the acquisition is stopped and interrupts enabled.  Acquisition can be halted either by a software/hardware Stop command or when the memory is full. 

The sample clock may be internally generated at programmed rates of  5, 10, 25 or 50 MHz. The module can also accept an external clock (50MHz max) via a front panel Lemo connector. Different clock rates may be selected for pre or post-trigger.

The module accepts an External Trigger via a front panel Lemo connector. 

Front panel LEDs indicate the status of Arm, Busy/Stop, VME access and External Clock Enable conditions.


The module can be operated in a number of different modes by writing to on-board control registers.  The basic modes of operation are:-   

         Start/Stop mode. A software driven mode wherein acquisition is started and stopped by writing to bits in a control register on the unit. 

         Hardware Gate mode. Here the trigger input signal enables the acquisition when true and stops it when false. 

A detailed specification is available in Adobe .pdf format.




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