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RS422 Input/Output Register Type IOR 450–4 CAMAC

Product Description

The IOR 450–4 incorporates a 24 bit input register and a 24 bit output register. The input register accepts data via 24 terminated differential inputs. These meet RS423 specifications. An associated input LAM may be set by a ’Data Present’ signal which may be a TTL or differential signal. When the data is read, a ’Data Accepted’ pulse is generated as a TTL signal or differentially. The output register drives 24 differential signal pairs. Provision is made for pull–up and pull–down resistor terminations. It also has an associated output strobe pulse and LAM input.


  • Single width.
  • Differential RS422/RS423 Signal standards.
  • Controlled outputs for tristate operation.
  • Strobe inputs and responses.
  • Capable of long distance operations.
  • Single link inverts input data levels.
  • 8 Bit set control option available.
  • 52 Way double density connectors.
  • Back–to–back operation possible.

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