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CAMAC IOR 470 Series Input/Output Registers TTL/NIM Compatible

Product Description

This module series is a special high level logic TTL/NIM low speedversion of our popular 440 series. There are versions available for 32 bit output with 24 bit input and a 16 bit input/output depopulated version developed for JET (Joint European Torus). The versions are as follows:–


  • Single width CAMAC Module with 12 fully decoded function codes.
  • 24 bit input Schmitt triggers, with range +15 to –3V preset threshold.
  • Single link allows all 24 inputs to be inverted.
  • Strobe inputs have 3V Hysteresis on HLL and 1V on TTL.
  • All inputs can withstand +35V and –15V without damage.
  • 24 open collector outputs as a word. Provisions for pull–ups.
  • All outputs can withstand +/–70V in the ’off’ state, 8 bits sets are 30V.
  • 8 open collector bit settable outputs, provision for pull–ups.
  • All outputs can sink 150mA at 0.35V max, and withstand 300mA.
  • All handshake inputs & outputs may be individually inverted via links.

Connector Option Details

NOTE: Special versions can be manufactured to order. In the above connector options the 8 bit settable outputs are via the front panel on a 9 way single density CANNON Socket outputs 1 to 8 on pins 1 to 8, 9 is earth. The 9 way CANNON is mounted on the rear panel only for the 470-3 version.

8 Bit Settable Outputs

See commands F28 and F30, The 'ON' state is 300 mA max at 0.8V max.

Power Requirements

+6V at 1.2 Amps (No pull-ups). Fused by 3 Amp picofuse.

Temperature Range

0 to 45 degrees Celsius. Forced air cooling is advised.

Our policy is one of continuous product development and the right is reserved to supply equipment which may vary slightly from that described.

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