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  IOC 9010 Blade Input/Output Controller  


Industry Packs


MDS-8 Front Panel

The IOC 9010 is a 1U high rack mounting Input Output Controller. The IOC has 6 industry pack slots each with a mini signal conditioning cards, one PMC slot and a PC104+ processor, with network (10/100/1000 Mbps), USB 2.0, 120GB hard disc and 1GB RAM (other options possible). As a system component it is available as an EPICS IOC running either RTEMS or LINUX, or as an OPC server. The functionality of the IOC is determined by industry packs fitted, these include ADC, DAC, I/O, Isolated I/O, RS232, RS485, Stepper Motor Controller and Scaler. In addition a PMC card slot provides access to the wide range of specialist cards.

• Flexible
• All-in-One
• Compact
• Cost Effective
• Alternative to VME Crate
• Industry Packs
• Mix and Match I/O
• Mini Signal Conditioning Boards
• Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps (Dual optional)
• PMC PCI Mezzanine Slot (for EVR)
• Intel Atom PC104+ Processor
• Fan Speed and CPU Temperature Monitoring
• Generous Cooling for Reliability

Six sites are provided for Industry Packs (IP) providing a wide range of I/O functions. An open specification defines the key characteristics ensuring compatibility between suppliers.
Auto configuration scans the IP and PMC slots to determine the current I/O for rapid configuration. Drivers for Hytec IP cards will allow systems to be operational quickly.
Each industry pack has a Signal Conditioning Board which allows signal conditioning and plant isolation to be added. We have chosen the 50-way SCSI II connector so that inexpensive, commercially available cables can be used with Hytec’s range of DIN Rail Terminal Boards for connection to plant wiring.
Five cooling fans are fitted, with automatic speed control from five temperature sensors located in the IOC. Status of fan and temperature can be monitored.
One PMC slot for general use. Can be used as a timing system event receiver for data acquisition triggers. The PMC slot has its own fan.

The 9010 IOC Blade will support the following software / protocols to access hardware input/output.

Linux / EPICS
We currently supply Scientific Linux 4 or 5 with EPICS 3.14. The Linux / EPICS version of the 9010 IOC Blade on booting up, will scan all the Industry Pack (IP) slots and using the ‘VITA4’ standard it will identify the cards fitted. From this scan it will set up a default start up script, which will configure the cards and set up a default EPICS database. This will allow EPICS users via straight CA (Channel Access), EDM, MEDM and other EPICS utilities to immediately access the IOC’s interfaces, without the need to configure.

The IOC9010 blade has now been fully ported with the latest RTEMS, EPICS and Hytec IP modules device drivers. The IOC boots up by the grub bootloader and connects to a tftp server and runs off the start-up script. After this, it runs the same way as normal VxWorks IOC. Hytec implemented a PCI based carrier driver that goes with ipac module such that all of the IP device drivers are exactly the same as the VxWorks (and other OS) version.

Windows / OPC Server
The 9010 IOC Blade will also support OPC server running on the Windows CE operating system, and the Industry Pack (IP) cards will appear as OPC devices. Any industry SCADA systems or applications with OPC client integrated would be able to easily read/write data from/to the devices. This OPC server will be fully compliant with the most current version of the OPC specification. A configuration tool (a Windows application) will be provided to aid configuration of Industry Pack cards.

Industry Packs
Industry Packs are plug-in cards based on an industry standard format and are designed to have wide application. They are very compact, 1.8 inches by 3.9 inches in size and they include an ID PROM which aids auto-configuration. They have connectors that are keyed for ease of installation. There is a broad range of products already available from a wide selection of suppliers all over the world. EPICS, Linux and Windows component device drivers are available from Hytec.

Signal Conitioning Boards
The IOC has a range of mini plug-in I/O Signal Conditioning Boards, they route all I/O signals via rear panel mounted high density 50-way SCSI-2 sockets to the industry packs. Some boards include sites with the option of fitting R-C low-pass filters which can be selected by jumpers to be in or out of circuit. Additionally, optional plug-in 5V to +/-12V DC-DC converters can be used with some boards to facilitate powering the plant side of isolated analogue circuits.

Signal Conitioning Boards
Designed to mount on standard DIN EN 50035 or OMEGA-DIN 50022-50045 DIN rail, the terminal boards offer a simple solution to the problem of connecting plant wiring to the IOC.
Wiring is terminated neatly at the terminal boards and low cost, high density SCSI-2 twisted pair cables connect to the IOC.
Some boards are available with transient protection, current sources and visual data state indication (Bi-colour LEDs). PT100 and Thermocouple blocks with cold junction compensation available. Screw terminals, LEMO sockets, Common D-type and BNC available.

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