Nim Chassis Kit


Hytec Electronics Ltd offers a range of NIM chassis kits in single, double and triple width.

Each comprises a front panel, rear panel, four side rails and slide-in side panels and ventilated top and bottom covers. Two flared jackscrews are included along with M2 screws for fitting PCBs to the rails.

The kits also include a module connector kit comprising AMP connector body and shell, polarising parts and six gold-plated pins.

Jackscrews are normally supplied not fitted, but can be fitted by Hytec on request.

Hytec can also offer 200mm of wire of different colours assembled to the pins if desired.


Single Front

Nim Single Front

Single Rear

Nim Single Rear


Double Front

Nim Double Front

Double Rear

Nim Double Rear


Connectors & Leads

Nim Connectors & Leads