Hot Modules - Product Announcements

Our product range is continuously being improved with new modules being added and old favourites being upgraded. The following is a selection of our latest introductions.

Latest News

Transient Recorder with 1G of Memory

The VTR 2537M Transient Recorder is a dual height double width VME module which simultaneously digitises the voltage signals present on eight Lemo inputs with a resolution of 12 bits at 50MHz and records the data in parallel in its on-board RAM which accepts up to 128M samples per channel.

AMAC SHARC DSP IP Carrier/Controller

1375 - This double-width card is designed to fit into a standard CAMAC crate and house up to four Industry Pack (IP) cards. An on-board DSP processor, an Analogue Devices ADSP21061, has access to these industry packs and to a dual-port memory visible through the CAMAC port. The DSP processor has two 1M x 8 Flash EPROM devices from which to boot, 256K x 32 bits of local fast SRAM, a 16550 UART RS232 front panel port and two SHARC serial ports, also on front panel connectors. The DSP processor can also access the CAMAC crate through an ACB Auxiliary Controller function built into the unit.

CAMAC Ethernet Crate Controller

Initial deliveries have been made of the 100Mbit CAMAC Ethernet Crate Controller the 1365 Mk4. This is a brand new design and builds on the success of the previous popular versions.

5331 PCI to CAMAC(and VME) Interface

We have just completed development of our new 5331 PCI bus interfaces for our popular 1330/1331 CAMAC interface and our 3331 VME interface. Upgrade packages are available for existing 1330/1331/3331 customers.

VME-VXI Adaptor

A C-sized VXI module type VVA4032 extends the VME subset of the VXIbus to a pair of connectors suitable for accepting B size VME Processor Cards

Hytec expand Industry Pack range

8401.1 IP-ADC-8401 8-channel 16bit Simultaneous ADC Industry Pack (+/-10V)
8401.2 IP-ADC-8401-L 8-channel 16bit Simultaneous ADC Industry Pack (+/-5v)
8402.1 IP-DAC-8402 16-channel 16bit DAC (+/-10V) O/P Industry Pack
8402.2 IP-DAC-8402-L 16-channel 16bit DAC (+/-5V) O/P Industry Pack
8403.1 IP-MUXADC-8403.1 16-channel (mulitplexed) ADC 20bit accuracy Industry Pack with 1MB RAM
8403.2 IP-MUXADC-8403.2 16-channel (mulitplexed) ADC 20bit accuracy Industry Pack with 2MB RAM
8512 IP-SCALER-8512 16-channel Scaler 32-bit 20MHz Industry Pack
8515 IP-SI-8515 8-channel RS-232 UART Industry Pack
8516 IP-SI-8516 8-channel RS-485 UART Industry Pack
8601 IP-STEPPER-8601 4-channel Stepper Motor Controller Industry Pack

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Hytec Launches the 8000 Series - A New Family of VME64x Product

An exciting new range of Analogue and Digital I/O modules conforming to the VME64x specification has been introduced by Hytec Electronics Ltd. Fully Hot-Swap capable with auto power-up and using Industry Packs for extra functionality the rapidly expanding range includes IP Carrier Boards, 8-channel ADC, 16-channel DAC and Transition Boards.

VME64x Product Listing

1386 PCI Controller Device Driver for Windows NT

A Windows NT device driver is now available to control the Hytec 1386 PCI Controller. The driver has full kernel mode functionality operating in 32-bits. The driver is complete with an ESONE calling library interface.

Hytec unveils two new VME Transient Recorders

The VTR2536-T Octal 14-bit 10MHz Transient Recorder and VTR2535-T Octal 12-bit 10MHz Transient Recorder. These new modules digitize the voltage signals on eight inputs with a digitising rate on each input up to 10Msamples per second. Two basic variants of each module are available -128K stores up to 128K samples per channel and -512K stores up to 512K samples per channel.

Hytec unveils very high accuracy event time stamping

Event time stamping to a very high accuracy by exploiting the US Department of Defense Global Positioning Satellite System in the GPS92 Event time Stamp & Time of Day/Year Clock module available as CAMAC or VME version.

Hytec unveils upgraded Knob-Box

The original Hytec Knob Box allowed physical control of computer variables in a most flexible but easy way and it has now been upgraded with the addition of an ethernet port.

Universal I/O Modules

Universal I/O modules using FPGA technology enable the user to choose from a range of functional blocks to achieve the specification required. The latest designs include the VOOR2214 Optically Isolated Output Register, VOIR2230 Optically Isolated Input Register and the the VOIO2480 Isolated Input/Output Unit.

Transient Recorder TR538

We are considering producing the Transient Recorder TR538 which can simultaneously measure 8 analogue channels at rates from 10kHz to 1MHz (1.2MHz external) each channel has its own 12-bit ADC, together with 512K words of memory. Data peak processing allows times from start to signal exceeds threshold and signal recrosses threshold to be recorded together with the peak value.

Other recent additions to the Hytec CAMAC range

  • AD70 8-channel Fast Amplifier/Discriminator
  • HMU621 16Mx16-bit Histogram Memory Unit
  • MPU238 60-channel Multi-Pattern Unit
  • SMC2404 4-channel Stepper Controller (24bit)
  • TRCF 16-channel 12-bit 10KHz 64K scanning Transient Recorder